Competitive Examinations are the combination of hard work and luck. A large number of aspirants appear from countrywide. Some of them, on the first stage, get so much frightened that they don’t even dare to attend the exams and leave the battle. Still, many students ascertain to get over it. They put their efforts together and leap into the battle against the best of the best. They use different artifices and dexterities; different formulae; work very hard – around the clock to get through the exams.(CSS Exam Experience shared by Student is very Helpful for u to Prepared CSS Exam).

A time comes when entrants start talking about the result– when the result is going to be declared. Leisurely this excitement increases. It converts into frustration when it takes too much time – as happened this time. They start believing on every news apropos result that it is going to be declared this morning, afternoon, or the other day. And, then, the time comes finally and most of the aspirants get into a situation of oblivion when they see their results. How could they do this to me? Why did this happen to me anyway? Am I the only one to come across such failures all the time? I was much better than x,y,z; he passed and I failed, why, why, why? These are, and other questions alike put anxiety on aspirants and it distracts them of the imminent exam and the challenges. I admit some are strong enough to confront it and tell themselves (‘abhi  Ishq k imtihan aor b hai’. :p)


In the first part of my of CSS Exam experience you will find it in the files of this page if you wanna see it, I told you guys about what were my frame of mind and ideas about exams – both compulsory and optional subjects. I shared my excitement and the two weeks’ efforts and struggle. I still reminisce the time when we had to write six hours a day and, as I was not used to writing, I found myself in compulsion all the time.

Part II

In this part, I will, as far as I think, share my ideas about my result. The elements which are more probable the reasons that led me to failure. In the first part I have discussed in detail each and every subject, but, here I will go through it as I am not feeling comfortable while writing this one.

Essay Paper

So far as the Essay paper was concerned, I opted for ‘Meaning and purpose of Education’. The topic seemed easy and I found myself very clear about its stance. Most of the candidates attempted this one. It is a general notion that if a topic is attempted by most of the students then the marking gets strict. I, by hook and crook, believe in it. Well! Though my essay was not up to the mark,, yet I was a little bit confident over it, that at least I will score a minimum of 40 marks. My essay was about 2500 words and I spent almost one hour on its outline. Remember! Do the rough works of outline on the last two pages of the Essay sheet ie pages 24 and 25. A number of experienced persons have told me to write down the outline on the last pages as rough works, it gives a good impression. I finished my essay 15 minutes prior to the specified time and got sufficient time to check it out and it proved very beneficial for me.

Notable Points

I scored 34 on essay paper L. But I got shocked when I heard about my other affiliates’ marks. Hardly anyone has crossed 25. Even one has scored 3 while the other 7 marks in this paper. Following are the notable points which I consider:

  1. As aforesaid I attempted the topic that has been attempted by most of the candidates.
  2. My essay was approximately 2500.
  3. I spend almost one hour on the outline.
  4. I used Persian poems of Molana Rumi and Iqbal (RA).

The point I mull over the most which gave a negative impression to my essay is that I went into extra details. The topic was the meaning and purpose of education. It means after the introduction and thesis statement focus was to be paid to ‘meaning’ and then ‘purpose’ of education. I did so but I went into other aspects of education like the problems/constraints etc that are creating obstacles in achieving this purpose of education etc. and at the end, I put forward suggestions on how to acquire the exact meaning and then to its sole purpose. Though I tried to connect these points yet these were not required in the essay and I strongly believe this idea ruined my all efforts.

Composition Paper

I consider/edit very easy compared to the previous paper. Precis was simple rather technical enough and it involved interloping ideas which were really confusing. The title was simple and almost the same for the majority of candidates. I did two drafts of rough work on the last pages and then put down the final draft. Yet again, I strongly suggest writing down the rough drafts. (Even if time taking but one hour is enough for Objective question and Precis work). Comprehension notes of 300 words were pet and repeated topics and everyone had two or three options. Idioms, pair of words, corrections, and narrations were of intermediate standard.


GK I – EDS remained my favorite. Having a Physics background I found myself lucky enough. I was afraid of biology especially vitamins, diseases, and that DNA, RNA, or simply microbiology. In short, it remained good. My main focus was on diagrams whether it was about LASER or Optical fibers, Global Warming, or other such questions, I emphasized labeled figures and that is what proved beneficial for me.


GK II – Current Affairs. Two or Three questions were those that most of the candidates had prepared for the Essay. So, In short, just keep in touch with News/Newspaper, this paper is based on analytical analysis so just be very cautious while posing your opinion.


GK III – Pakistan Affairs – it always remained a definite headache for me – I prepared almost 15 to 20 topics which helped me to some extent. Remember; pay more attention to post Partition. It is not an Indo-Pak paper rather it is PA and two or three questions were general. I could not score well in this paper L but yet I was confident over GK I and GKII as we need to score 120 in all three papers, so EDS helped me out to get over it.


Islamiat – the subject I like the most – that is why I opted for Islamic History and Culture and Muslim Law. The objective portion was – thx to the CSS MCQs page – very easy. I attempted the paper in Urdu – yes Urdu which I Planned at the last hour. Remove Urdu and English do not matter. What matters the most is how u solve the paper. In a nutshell, I was very comfortable when I attempted it in Urdu as I could express myself clearly and could write at a rapid speed comparing to English.

Important Tip! Learn a minimum of one verse from Holy Quran and one Hadith with reference for each important topic like Salah, fasting, pilgrimage, etc, and never miss Friday Dawn for analytical type topics.

Subjective Papers

Subjective papers were purely on the basis of selection. Don’t go for other people’s ideas that A is easy B is difficult and C is very difficult. Make urself clear of the subject. Take your time in selection and going thu syllabus and previous papers it is very important indeed.

Islamic History and Culture

As per my case, I had  IHC – paper one was easy enough but Paper II was not only delicate but also very general. Those who intend to opt it plz go through Paper-II. I switched from Geography to IHC and that is where I did a blunder.

Muslim Law L

The same is the case with Muslim Law. I was blank on the paper. One of my cousin is doing Mufti Course at Karachi when I discussed this paper with him he, after knowing my ideas, told me bht mushkil hai k tm pass o jao is dafa One thing more, do cover last 10 years objectives it definitely proves very beneficial but in the case of ML there was not a single objective repeated L.(CSS Exam Experience shared by Student is very Helpful for u to Prepared CSS Exam).

A compendium is DON’T opt Muslim Law it is really confusing especially Sunni – Shia concepts. Anyone interested must-read Aatir Rizvi’s book.

Public Administration

I remember one of my friends’ words –( yar P.add opt mat Karna is k objective dobote hai). And it happened. The Paper was 80% general. Paper was of a very complex nature – very tricky and based on intermingling ideas. I thought the time when I attempted this paper that this paper will be the one to ruin my all efforts but it did not happen.

Agriculture and Forestry

These two subjects are/were my favorite subjects and these two remained the best. And I suggest to opt these papers especially those who have opted Geography or Botany. I really enjoyed while attempting these papers. Forestry was my last paper on the schedule. This time I scored well in these two papers.

My standpoint

While I was attempting the paper I was not sure whether I could get through or not but I made my own pattern to attempt questions in the paper.  Before attempting the objective part, I made outlines of each question on the last pages. I used poetry and quotes and verses of the Quran e Karim. I drew tables and diagrams and took as many sheets as possible. I took 12 sheets in Forestry for instance: p. Trust in Almighty Allah always because HE is the best planner. Despite the fact, I failed, but I m still very thankful to Him for bestowing me everything I have.(CSS Exam Experience shared by Student is very Helpful for u to Prepared CSS Exam).

Last words

To sum up, I am not sure whether having a busy schedule u will get enough time to read it or not but being one of the fellows I found it necessary to share my idea/experience (especially after getting failed in exams) with u. I started my revision one week prior to the exam. I was/am too busy in job esp with posting at Hingol National Park and this time (add: charge of District Awaran) that is why could not get enf time to revise. But having a company like U people and keeping in touch with the CSS MCQs page help me a lot. A number of my friends from LUMAS, NUST, GC, institutes, and academies like Officers could not get through this time. Either it was strict marking this time or the Faisal abad incident’s aftermath but this time result was worst only 2.09% while last year it was, I think, around 8 to 9%. So fasten your seat belts guys. Keep your head and shoulders high. Take a deep breath and go for it. You will do it this time INSHA ALLAH.

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